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Thread: Art Rage 5 Works Well With AV Linux

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    Art Rage 5 Works Well With AV Linux

    Just thought I would mention this here. If anyone is into using Linux and would like to run Art Rage 4 or 5 on Linux, the customized Linux operating system entitled AV Linux (AV stands for Audio Video) is the answer. I am using the Isotester 64 bit version of AV Linux 2016 and find this version runs Art Rage 64 bit version far better than the older DieHard version of AV Linux. I cannot vouch for the 2017 AV Linux isotester version that came out in April, the operating system seems to have undergone a complete overhaul, yet the 2016 version is something I would recommend to any users looking for a Linux operating system that will work with Art Rage (as of August 2017 the 2016 version is still in their directory for download of the iso file). Once you install this operating system you need to start up the WINE application, WINE is the assistant in converting the program over to usability in this Linux operating system. AV Linux is a customized version of Debian that also includes the necessary codecs to play any DVD movies you might want to view using the VLC player, other versions of Linux do not have this ability built into the operating system installation as is (custom designed).

    Once you have the Linux AV installed and have started the WINE program you need to run your file browser and go into the partition where you have the Windows operating system and program files. Once you have located the program folders look for Ambient Design, open it and click on the artrage.exe file. This will start the Art Rage program in Linux and you will need to enter the registration code again (for only this first time) and then the program will be accessible using AV Linux. You may have to go through this procedure every time you want to open the program in AV Linux again yet it works well. Brushes and features all seem to work normally without problems. The WINE program in AV Linux will also allow you to use some other programs you may have in your Windows programs folder by trying the same procedure to see what will work, cannot guarantee results with other programs, some seem to work others not at all or not so good. Anyway Art Rage works very well this way with a bit of patience navigating your way through the partitions and folder systems locating the programs. One thing you cannot do is attempt to download and install the Art Rage program in any Linux operating system with .exe extensions the same way you do on a Windows operating system. Linux programs use primarily .rpm or .deb program installation files and the procedure is quite different for doing it correctly.

    I have tried using the Linux Debian operating system yet was not able to run Art Rage on the 8.3 version I have installed. I have installed the WINE packages available for installation through the Synaptic Package Manager yet so far cannot figure out how to make them work, although there may be a way of doing this yet I have yet to figure it out. I am also trying out the Linux Fedora Design Suite yet this version of Linux does not include any WINE packages with the initial operating system installation. There may be something available through their repository yet I cannot access anything over the internet on my computer since I do not have any connection at home.
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