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Thread: Selection Tool - Feather issue

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    Selection Tool - Feather issue

    Here's an annoyance.

    Say I take time to make a large selection and have the Feather percent set to 1%.
    After I finish selecting everything I press Delete (cropping out an area), but then decide that I needed a higher Feather percent setting to get the effect I wanted.

    I can undo the Delete, or I can re-load, but changing the Feather percent up to 3% does not affect the resultant cropped out area.
    It's like when the Selection is drawn out, the Feather settings used at that point are hardwired into that Selection marquee.

    It's not like Photoshop where I can create a selection, then adjust the Feather settings as needed.

    If you follow me.

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    Yes, that's correct, changing the selection settings will not affect any currently live selections.

    While this is a problem for your example, it also lets you have multiple selections active with different settings much more easily, so it's a win some, lose some thing
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