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Thread: Saving a file in two different locations?

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    Saving a file in two different locations?

    Hello, sorry I'm new to these forums. But i'm having a been of problem with this. Cause i would like to have a back up of my up of to date work by just hitting the save button.
    just in case something were to happen with my files or disk drive, is there a script or macro? That would allow me to save them to two different locations at the same time?
    or is there something else i can do? besides just coping it over to something else by hand or save as? cause after a while this does become a strenuous.
    I'm currently only using Artrage V4 full version, on windows 10, nothing really going wrong just a technical question.
    If someone could get back to me on this that would be great.
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    You can sort of do this. Go to Edit > ArtRage Preferences > Advanced Preferences and set the 'backup files' to 1 or more. This will create a spare file from the previous save whenever you save the painting.

    It will be saved in the same location as the actual painting file though, so if you are worried about the entire folder, you might be better off looking at automatic backup tools to back up the actual files. You can also record a script as you work, which you'll still have to manually save somewhere, but will be another way to backup the painting and restore it if something happens to the original.

    Most operating systems also have built in backup/folder history/file restore options, and there are plenty of software programs available, so it's worth setting something up from the other end if this is something you need done properly.

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