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Thread: How do I work with selections?

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    Post How do I work with selections?

    Hello everyone,

    How is everyone today? I hope that everyone here are all fine. I am myself fine.

    I am wondering, can someone please tell me how to add or subtract from a selection that I have made? I need to know with all selection types, the freehand as well as for the preset shapes.

    Thank you all,


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    You have several questions which will need detailed answers - perhaps after you have read this - and you have more specific questions you can come back and ask again.

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    Thank you, that has been very helpful. I wish ArtRage could do better selections and mask, that would be helpful.


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    What are you trying to do exactly? The Stencils basically act as masks in ArtRage. You should be able to do almost anything you need between them and active selections. There are a few other features that might also help you.

    See if these give you the steps you're looking for:

    Select/mask an area and add a border round it:

    Select/mask/edit an area and change the paint or colour inside:

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    Red face Select All

    Is there a way to select the whole transparent object? Like for instance in Affinity Photo and other editing programs you can CTRL click a layer and it will choose the object on that layer but not the whole layer. Thanks

    UPDATE - Duh-just try it first, right? It works just the same, I am an idiot...
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