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Thread: Question about cursors

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    Question about cursors

    I'm just getting started with ArtRage 5 and I have a question about the cursors.

    The main problem I'm having is I can't tell exactly where the brush will paint onto the canvas. For example if I'm using the paint brush with a 50% size then I don't know where the edges of the brush will appear so it feels a bit random where the brush will actually paint. I've tried the precise, outline and tool cursors but they all seem to just have a fixed size and don't indicate where the paint will actually go.

    Just wondering how everyone else manages with the brushes like this. It is a bit of trial and error or maybe it's something I'll get used to with time?


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    Hello kevanstannard and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Yes itís something you get used to!
    The Outline cursor shows you the theoretical max width of stroke that any given tool will make based on the tool size percentage. I say theoretical because with a pressure sensitive stylus, until you make a stroke AR has no way of knowing what the actual width should be.
    The Precise cursor only shows the dead centre of the brush head, which is useful in some circumstances.
    Now a combination of the two, for me, would be ideal!
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