Very simple change suggestions.

When using Custom Pickers the white/grey circle indicating where I last pressed disappear. Please include this in future update. I realise that it won't work when picking colours directly from canvas, but please include it for direct clicking in the picker.

Futhermore it would be nice also to have an indication of the last pick from the Color Samples Panel - eg with the same little white/grey circle. Sometimes it's hard to remember which of several paints I last used.

Would it be difficult to change the .col color files to an ascii format? This way it would be possible to prepare the files in another program. E.g. the hex format #RRGGBB.

4. Could the numeric colour picker RGB be changed to include the quick rgb hex format #RRGGBB? Many online colourmixers use this format today.

I know you get many suggestions. So I will just thank you for a great program.