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Thread: Please Add OpenGL Support

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    Please Add OpenGL Support

    Photoshop, PaintStorm and other painting software can use the GPU to speed up paint strokes. As much as I love AR5, the Custom Brush is laggy beyond belief, its no good for professional/commercial work on a large canvas.

    Here is an example by Borodante from Youtube demonstrating the difference between GPU accelerated and non GPU accelerated brush strokes using PaintStorm (skip to 6:55). The difference is night and day!

    Could GPU support be added to AR5? Even if only for the Custom Brush?

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    We're looking in to the possibility for the future but there are a bunch of complications that stem from the differences in how paint strokes are generated in ArtRage compared to simpler dab based systems, and additional ones relating to the natural media simulation and the limitations GL processing which is why we don't use it currently. Adding OpenGL support doesn't automatically speed anything up, it's just a tool that we may be able to use to accelerate some of the calculations that go on in the construction of strokes.

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