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Thread: Removing tracing image from layer

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    Exclamation Removing tracing image from layer

    I've accidentally converted a tracing image to paint in the same layer i was drawing on, then saved it and closed the program. This is not what i wanted to do. I would like to separate the image from this layer or remove it completely in order to get my drawing back. HELP PLEASE!

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    I'm afraid you can't turn it back into a tracing image - it's just paint now, and if you've already closed the program, you can't undo anything.

    If it's on a separate layer, just delete that layer. If you have paint on the *same* layer, but still have some of your drawing visible, then you'll need to select/erase - let me know the edition you're using, or share a screenshot of what you need to do, and I can offer some more specific tips.

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