I have an Android Yoga book with Artrage 1.1.20 pre installed. In every other respect its a dream combination for me but there is always something. There is an issue importing images to trace (its a particular project thatís come up) importing images above the reset (default?) canvas size of 960x564 (960*960 maybe) Iíve tried every combination of original image size up to and even way beyond 2048X2048 and although the image is scaled to fit the set canvas size from trace its been scaled down and then scaled up again with consequent loss of fine detail. Iíve tried all the import methods even Sharing (export to) from photo. Direct layer import gave the game away as then the layer is always 960 whatever the canvas size The exception is image import from the gallery which comes in at 1920 thatís good enough but zoomed in it still has scaling artifacts whereas the original PNG is pin sharp at 2048x2048 and 1920 same zoom. So why two apparently arbitrary default import sizes and why scaling up and down even when the original is the same as the import-to canvas size. One way to get rid of most of the artifacts is to upscale the original to 4096x4096 in gimp (Yoga Book Android handles this easily) then it imports at 1920 much clearer. I really donít want to do that for all the images I need to trace.


Yoga Book YB1-X90F Android 6.01 all up to date.
4GB ram 64GB SSD