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Thread: Is there a way to separate a line art reference from it's background in ArtRage?

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    Is there a way to separate a line art reference from it's background in ArtRage?

    Hi all,

    In wanting to work on my painting skills I wanted to paint some line art characters I found online. I was curious if there was a way to keep the line art but erase the white of the background it sits on? I can do it in photoshop where you basically select all the black lines and delete everything else, leaving the lines on a transparent layer to add your own layers. If it can't be done in A.R. can I do it in P.S., save the file as a P.S. file layer and open it in A.R.?

    Thanks for the help =)


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    There are several ways to do this.

    The easiest is a new feature in ArtRage 5: Edit > Filters > Remove Color Matte. This will automatically delete all white and let you remove other colours as well (handy for off white scans and photos).

    Tutorial is here:

    If you have an older version, or Lite, then your best choices are:

    1. Magic Wand mode in the selection tool. This will select an entire areas of a single colour. Manually select all the white bits and delete them.

    2. Magic Wand, but select the black lines instead (if all joined together and easy to select). Cut and paste to a separate layer.

    3. Blend Modes. Set your line art to 'Multiply (Tint)' (other blend modes will also work well, but this is usually the preferred). Pure white will become invisible. Non-pure white will not entirely vanish, so you may want to edit the contrast/colours first (e.g. by going to Edit > Adjust Layer Colors in AR4 (it's under Filters in AR5)).

    4. If you're using ArtRage 4, you should be able to run this filter in 32 bit mode (i.e. start AR4 -32bit from the start menu)

    5. Just import the image as a stencil

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    Ty so much for the help =)

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