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Thread: 4.5.10 Square-head/Anti-alias help

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    Question 4.5.10 Square-head/Anti-alias help

    Hello! As you can see, I use Artrage lite 4.5.10, and I'm trying to figure out how to set my ink pen to square-head and anti-alias. I've checked several sites for the answer, but my side bars for setting and preferences do not seem to show the same options for them. I'm trying to be able to draw a solid line without those faded pixels showing up on either side of it!

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    Looks like these features might be only be availabie in AR5 - see feature comparison

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    Yes, those aren't in Lite. However, turning antialiasing off will only give you a perfect straight edge if you are going exactly horizontally or vertically, otherwise you get pixels 'stepping' along in a diagonal line along the edge.

    If you're seeing visible edge pixels, try working on a larger canvas - the edge should look clean from a distance. Basically, if you can see individual pixels, you're *probably* working too small.

    To get a perfect straight line, hold 'CTRL' (or CMD on a Mac). Hold Ctrl + Shift to get your line at nice fixed angles.

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