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Thread: Stop Sys Preferences being invoked

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    Stop Sys Preferences being invoked

    I am using Artrage 5, full version on Mac OS 10.12 MacBook Pro, and an Intuos Medium tablet.

    When I click the controller on the tablet it keeps flipping up the Mac's System preferences when i select one the options and start using it - for example - click the button, select brush size - start to change the brush size but can't because now System Preferences is the focus.

    It doesn't happen every time, so I am not sure what I am doing wrong - does anyone know is this a setting I can control or am I invoking it myself? It's frustrating!

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    We heard this from one other user as well and spoke to Wacom about it, they dont' know what is causing it (or didn't at the time) and it's not something that ArtRage itself is triggering (there's no code in the app that can do this). We'll have a chat to their engineers again but in the meantime I'd suggest uninstalling the tablet drivers (remove profiles if prompted), rebooting, then reinstalling them and seeing if that helps.

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    Tried but to no avail

    Ta - I gave that a try. It seemed to work at first but now it's still happening. The saving grace is that Artrage 5 has a tool option set that allows all those things to be done in the UI too, but I do so love the quick settings buttons on the tablet.

    Let me know if you hear of any other solutions I might try.
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