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Thread: Transparent brush/ink pen

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    Lightbulb Transparent brush/ink pen

    I'd really like to be able to work with a transparent ink pen, not the eraser - the eraser doesn't smooth out like the ink pen and it would be great to be able to do the designs I want to do without having to do a work around... that sometimes doesn't even work.

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    Do you mean you want a semi-visible line? Or that you want to erase using the ink pen?

    If you want a semi-visible line, you want to change the opacity of the tool or the layer - your options may depend on what edition you have.

    If you want to erase using the ink pen, that's on a possible future updates suggestion list right now, but you can get that effect using a couple of work arounds (again, these depend on your edition of ArtRage).

    1. Stencils. Draw your design on a layer, turn that layer into a stencil, use the eraser or other tools at will over the stencil pattern. A good option if you want to reuse the stencil, move it around, and basically keep it for reuse.

    2. Lock transparency and Magic Wand selection tool: these basically do the same thing in different ways. Draw your pattern, then lock the transparency of a layer, or select all the paint (or all the empty space) using the magic wand tool.

    You will then be able to freely repaint that layer. The selection option lets you a) invert the selection and b) switch to a different layer with the selection active, which is good if you want to use it like a stencil and erase patterns into paint elsewhere.

    Lock Transparency lets you switch back and forth without needing to worry about active selections and it will automatically lock all transparent (empty) areas on that layer. Which is good if you want to draw a pattern and then repaint it with better colours/different tools without going over the edges of the lines.

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