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Thread: Pencil Tool artefacts - is this a bug?

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    Pencil Tool artefacts - is this a bug?

    Hi, I just got my brand new ArtRage 5. I'm learning everything. I have come across this issue. See image. When I use the pencil tool (not in precise mode) and make a sharp turn in the stroke, some artefacts appear at the corners. Is this a bug or how to fix it? I really like the pencil tool, but with those artefacts it's pretty useless.

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    Yes, its been for a while now, since version 4, as far as I can recall. I tried all wacom settings, it happens half of the times.

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    It's a tilt/shape of the pencil thing; have you turned Tilt Angle off in stylus properties? (That's the only way I can get it to show up like that - it looks like you've got live tilt though, so you might just have hit on the perfect setting to get it to show up).

    There's an older post from AR4 here that looks like it's the same problem:

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