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Thread: Finepoint tablet technology

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    Finepoint tablet technology

    Can you make Artrage usable for Finepoint pens, like the Gateway tablets use? I know it's not as sensitive pressure-wise as a wacom, but I'd like to be able to use pressure with Artrage, especially once an inking pen is included in an upcoming update.

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    Hi there. We don't currently have a similar piece of hardware here, but I'm assuming that the Free Edition does not allow you to use pressure on that machine? We use wintab, which is a pretty standard way of accessing tablet devices. Ink services in Windows Vista and on Tablet PCs are also supported.

    If you're not getting pressure it may be that there's a driver incompatibility, but it's also possible that there's a more straightforward cause so it would be worthwhile emailing me at with your operating system and computer make and model so I can check a few basics with you just in case.

    At the very least, if it appears to be an incompatibility I can note it down for future reference and consideration.
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    I have to admit that after further testing last night I DID see some variance in the line weight using the pencil tool and the marker tool. So apparently, PICNIC: Problem in Chair, Not in Computer. Or in this case, Code.

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