I was wondering if there is any development going on to enhance the experience of using ArtRage with the Surface Pro pen, especially with the traditional tools like the oils brushes? I use a Wacom Cintiq 13HD at my desk, but the Surface Pro is my afk tool. The Wacom works great with AR, but the Surface Pro is seriously lacking with regards to getting results out of AR.

If there was a way to tie brush rotation to stroke direction it would make it a hell of a lot better on the SP. I know this is mainly an issue for Microsoft (and I've no clue why they didn't build in better functionality to their pen given the marketing of the Surfaces as great tools for artists), but I figured it would be best to ask here if there was any development going on to make the experience better.

It's a shame the pen is a bit rubbish, as otherwise the SP is great. I can only imagine the newer Surface Book and Surface Studio to be an utter disappointment to the artists that buy them if it is the same pen and driver tech they are using. Cheers.