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Thread: Pen problems when using watercolor brush

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    Pen problems when using watercolor brush


    So I am using ArtRage Lite on a Windows 10 computer to test out the ArtRage program before I buy the full version. Every time I use the watercolor brush (and the ink pen) when I lift my pen from the tablet a very fine line continues as I hover the pen around. I am 100% positive that this is not lagging. It depends on the amount of loading I have set. If its on full loading then it will continue indefinitely until I tap the pen on the tablet. The less I have the shorter distance it will follow the pen. So if I'm not paying enough attention and I go to switch colors or something I end up with fine squiggly lines all over my drawing. While this brush is the only one that makes the fine lines, when using the other tools it appears to still be activated when I am hovering over. What I mean is the floating boxes or the color wheel will disappear when I hover over them like they're supposed to when painting. Again, I have to tap to get rid of this too. I have played around with all of the pen/touchpad/tablet settings I can think of and it still does this. As far as I can tell this isn't normal.

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