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In safe mode, Artrage lite still didn't work, but the demo did as long as I was using realtime stylus. The pen sensitivity works and even changing settings on the brush did not cause any weird issues.
Okay, that's definitely interesting. There are a couple of differences that might be causing this, but first, update Lite (we just brought out version 5.0.4) and see if that helps (there are some other things we could look into, but if updating fixes it, there's no point).

If AR5 works fine in Safe Mode, but not normally, then something else is messing with it. Can you try going to Run > msconfig > services, tick 'hide all Microsoft services' and disabling everything?

Ideally this should work the same way Safe Mode does. Then you can selectively start adding different services back in and see which one 'breaks' ArtRage 5.

Also worth doing:

1. Do a fresh reinstall of your tablet drivers if you haven't done that already (make sure to restart between uninstalling and reinstalling).

2. Send us screenshots of your current Input settings for Artrage and your tablet so we can doublecheck all the options and see if we can spot anything else worth investigating.

(Oh, also, are you using any outdated/beta versions of Windows 10? Occasionally we've seen stuff like this that just fixes itself in the next update).