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Thread: Pen problems when using watercolor brush

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    Pen problems when using watercolor brush


    So I am using ArtRage Lite on a Windows 10 computer to test out the ArtRage program before I buy the full version. Every time I use the watercolor brush (and the ink pen) when I lift my pen from the tablet a very fine line continues as I hover the pen around. I am 100% positive that this is not lagging. It depends on the amount of loading I have set. If its on full loading then it will continue indefinitely until I tap the pen on the tablet. The less I have the shorter distance it will follow the pen. So if I'm not paying enough attention and I go to switch colors or something I end up with fine squiggly lines all over my drawing. While this brush is the only one that makes the fine lines, when using the other tools it appears to still be activated when I am hovering over. What I mean is the floating boxes or the color wheel will disappear when I hover over them like they're supposed to when painting. Again, I have to tap to get rid of this too. I have played around with all of the pen/touchpad/tablet settings I can think of and it still does this. As far as I can tell this isn't normal.

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    That's definitely not normal, and it sounds like a tablet drivers issue. Can you try following the steps here to see if any of these options fix it for you?

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    It turned out that wintab was the problem. Once I turned it off it stopped doing the line thing. But then I wasn't able to select some menu options (like in the preferences), that I was able to fix by enabling my press and hold for right click option. I think its all cleared up now. Thanks again.

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    Never mind, I spoke too soon. Now, I'm having a different problem. When I change the settings on the tools and then go to paint, it automatically changes to 100% and it takes several tries to get the one I want. Then right after changing a setting when I start to paint it comes out at the full width with no variation (as if sensitivity is turned off) and continues to paint when I hover above the tablet similar to before (but at full width instead of a fine line). But then this goes away and acts normal after a few tries.

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    Okay, if you haven't tried turning Realtime Stylus off instead of Wintab, try that first, along with all the other input settings in preferences just to be sure.

    If you have already done that, check and see if there's a more recent driver or try doing a clean reinstall. You could also try going back to a slightly older version to see if that helps. It's not fun doing the driver shuffle, but something's definitely weird with your current one.

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    So far no luck. Wintab just brings back the original problem and the other settings do not seem to make a difference. I tried all of the drivers appropriate for my operating system and they either didn't work (the one that didn't I expected it not to - it was technically for a different tablet) or it acted exactly the same. I made sure to test different combinations of settings as well.

    If it helps my tablet is the Wacom Intuos Pen (CTL-480). And while its new (I got it for christmas) it is an outdated version. For a computer I have the new Dell XPS about a month old.

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    For troubleshooting purposes, can you try the ArtRage 5 demo? We implemented some fixes for the way Windows/Wacom handles certain things in ArtRage 5.

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    Sorry about the delay, I have been busy. I tried the demo with the newest driver and shuffled around the settings, but it still had similar problems

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    Okay, the next step is 'do more complicated troubleshooting'. If you can drop us an email at [email protected] we can walk you through it more directly.

    The first thing to start with is just try

    1. Using ArtRage with both Wintab and Realtime Stylus turned off (so no drivers at all) to see if you can at least use it normally.

    2. If that's still weird, try running the computer in Safe Mode (i.e. no drivers or any other weird background programs) to confirm it's definitely a drivers/something outside of ArtRage and the operating system itself issue.

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    In safe mode, Artrage lite still didn't work, but the demo did as long as I was using realtime stylus. The pen sensitivity works and even changing settings on the brush did not cause any weird issues.

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