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Thread: Pencil pack

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    Hi KathyZ. That's correct, these are sticker spray tool presets, including the stickers that the presets use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KathyZ View Post
    Hello all,

    I know this is an old thread but I hope someone is looking at it and can explain something to me. I have the most current version of artrage. I have not used in for many years and I am trying to relearn it.

    I downloaded and installed the sketch brushes and pencil pack (newest one) and they are showing up under stickers? Is this right? I thought they would be settings for the pencil tool? Is this right or did I do something incorrect? I have read the "How Tos"

    I appreciate your comments.

    Update: So all of the sudden these decided to show up. I can now use them via the Sticker Spray Tool which I believe is correct.
    Hello Kathy,

    Yes, despite having "Pencil" as part of its title, the Pencil Pack download is a set of Stickers that, when used in conjunction with the Sticker Spray Tool Presets, work as pencils for drawing. So you are correct in needing to select the Sticker Spray Tool to use the pack as intended.
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