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Thread: Custom Brushes and Impasto Effect

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skelebum View Post
    Cheers DarkOwnt - I shall give that a try today
    Cool. Lemme know if you find it useful!

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    Cheers again, that definitely seems to help

    Slightly unrelated question; I know how to flip the canvas horizontally by going through the transform layer menu, but is there another button hiding somewhere I can press to toggle it? I couldn't seem to find a hotkey for it.


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    Hello Skelebum,
    Once the Transform rig is activated jut hit the H or V keys to flip things Horizontally or Vertically respectively.
    Also, if you hold down either of the those keys while working (without the Transform rig active) you can temporarily flip the whole painting to check; balance, form, composition, etc
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    Thanks Markw, that's exactly what I was looking for. I'm loving using Artrage more by the minute

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