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Thread: Tablet not working correctly in ArtRage 5

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    Tablet not working correctly in ArtRage 5

    So far I am unable to get my Huion H610Pro to work correctly in ArtRage 5! (Desktop Windows 10)

    The tablet works fine in ArtRage 4

    But with 5 the paint/ink does not flow smoothly = so imagine I am drawing a scribbly line fast the flow will stop (flow breaks off/stops) at some part might start further on and might not. I have to go reconnect pen to tablet where it breaks off.

    I tried just doing a simple tracing of photo (using paint brush) but the flow stops at some point there too.

    I have also tried in both 4 and 5 with both running at same time. Works fine in 4, flow breaks in 5.

    Have tested the pen with the Huion software tester works fine!

    Have tried in other software such as Rebelle works fine!

    Have tried the Reset to Default in AR5 makes no difference

    The problem is clearly with ArtRage 5
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