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Thread: My First Watercolor Painting

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    Mar 2017
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    My First Watercolor Painting

    Dear All,

    This is my first artwork with ArtRange Lite. I have been looking for natural art software, specifically on watercolour effects and brushes. Looks like ArtRange is the best. All comments and feedback are welcome.

    Thank you.

    Name:  Latihan Watercolor 1st Painting.jpg
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    Very nice flowing style.

    Yes, Artrage and Rebelle are probably the most direct and intuitive programs for emulating western watercolour. While Rebelle has unique strengths I always turn to Artrage as I think it is most flexible and optimised for mixed media, and also fits best into a workflow with other applications.

    The only other natural media program I can think of that might be worth consideration is Expressii, but only if you have a particular need for an eastern watercolour painting engine (where brushes are far more changeable and pigments flow readily over the paper rather than into the grain).

    It is worth trying a few applications to see which particularly suits your workflow and expectations, but having used artrage since it launched in 2004 I am still finding it the best fit for any "non digital" style artwork I do on the computer. Even if it is not your only "natural art" software it is worth having in the centre of your toolkit. I spent many years working in 3D where I was happy to forgo a copy of photoshop to use whatever else was at hand, but I always had an artrage license for when a non-digital look or feel was required.

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    Wet on to wet watercolour

    Thanks Pavig Lok for your nice feedback. I like the software and quickly upgraded from Lite to ArtRange 5. I will need sometimes to learn features related to watercolour techniques. Today, based on reading this forum and watching youtube, I managed to continue the exercise for wet on to wet techniques.

    As always, comments and feedback are welcome.

    Name:  Kampung.jpg
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    Checkout Expresii watercolor program, it does just as going job as Rebelle and I believe it only does watercolor.

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