The 5.0.4 update for ArtRage 5 is now available for download from the Member Area if you have a registered copy of ArtRage 5.

Changes Include:

  • Adjusted transform operations in scripts to correct problems with transformed content offset on playback.
  • Cancelling layer texture edits no longer produces an erroneous 'handled' error popup.
  • Adjusted menu bar layout to reduce instances of overlapped items.
  • Made some changes to PSD text layer import to fix problems after changes to the internal text format of the file type.
  • Adjusted fill to correct some opacity issues and improve speed.
  • Guides are now placed correctly when playing back a script at greater than 100% size.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Recent Files after the 10th one in the list from working.
  • Adjusted tap and hold right click helpers to allow functionality in the grips of the corner roundels in Classic mode.
  • Adjusted positioning for corner panels so that they remember their last dropped location when torn off a second time.
  • Corrected some English strings in the French localisation.