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Thread: Transform tool leaves a ghost image

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    Transform tool leaves a ghost image

    The file is about 25M. It has two layers:

    1. A scanned grayscale pencil sketch: bottom.

    2. A layer in which Artrage pastels are applied: top.

    In both Artrage 4 and 5, identical behavior is observed. After

    1. Select layer contents of upper layer.
    2. Transform tool.
    3. Click and drag.
    4. Deselect all.

    the result is:
    1. The layer contents appears to move correctly.
    2. A ghost outline image, vaguely resembling the scanned image BUT IN COLOR, remains in the original position of the second layer.

    It would naturally be suspected that I did something stupid. But in the process of checking, the bottom layer is made invisible, and the ghost image is still there. Also, the original sketch is a grayscale scan, so the color of the ghost, which follows the pastels, is a property of the upper layer. If the upper layer is made invisible, the ghost vanishes with it.

    So the ghost is definitely on the upper layer. How did it get there?

    Have I uncovered a bug?

    Lenovo X61 tablet, 1400x1050 screen, 8G RAM, Windows 7.
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    Can you send us the file to have a look at? [email protected]

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    I tried. Attachment too large:

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    The response from the remote server was:

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    Ok, can you upload it to a file sharing site and send us the link? (or create a small canvas and try and duplicate it - if it's a random error, that won't help, but if it's repeatable, then we just need AN example, not the original).

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    I sent a Google Docs link to [email protected]. Please confirm when you have downloaded.

    Note: I added a second link. You now have both the transformed and untransformed paintings.
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    Got it. And you have a script playing, perfect! Playing it back I think I see the problem.

    Did you use Edit > Select Layer Contents to select the paint before moving it? It looks like you did. This isn't perfectly selecting the 'edge' areas (this will be a spread/antialiasing thing), so it's leaving the edges of the transparent paint behind when you move it.

    I've passed this on to see if we can fix that in an update, but in the meantime, try using:

    - Ctrl + A to select the entire layer (best if you want to transform)
    - Selection tool > Magic Wand to select areas of paint specifically (select the empty area then invert the selection) or use Lock Transparency from the layers menu (best if you want to edit/repaint areas)

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    Update: Having talked to the programmers, this feature apparently works exactly as intended, it's just not very clear what it's actually doing. This is actually a 'select alpha (non transparent) paint' command, just like this option in Photoshop:

    If you want to edit all paint on a layer, just pick 'select all' instead

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    Yes, but...

    "Select all" worked on a Xeon 8 core. Edit: it also works on the X61 tablet. I was probably doing something intuitive and wrong, like moving the entire layer with a hover-click.

    On the Xeon 8 core, the pastels were properly moved by the transform command. But it relocated the tool "carousel", normally fixed at the bottom left hand corner, to another position. Since display dimensions may be crucial, this was a 1920x1200 desktop display, W8.1. I've sent a screen snip to [email protected]

    Now, as for the explanation of how "select layer contents" is supposed to work. I have interchangeable heads. With one head, I can be a programmer worrying about display geometry, dangling pointers, and memory leaks. With another head, I can struggle with Photoshop. The deeper one gets with Photoshop, the more excruciating it is. Photoshop exercises one's analytic intelligence. With Artrage, I am "Schultz" from the TV series Hogan's Heroes, whose tagline is, "I know nothing...I know nothing!" Except, of course, the visual.

    Your explanation of "Select Layer Contents" doesn't really jive with Schultzy the Artist. Since I appear to have been the first person to ask a question about the feature, it's worth your consideration to either change it to something that is more intuitively useful, or offer a really good tutorial as to how it might be used in the context of Artrage.
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    Fixed in 5.04, thanks.

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