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Thread: Convert / export PTG file as stl or other?

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    Convert / export PTG file as stl or other?

    Hi guys

    Can an art rage file be exported or converted to a more common 3D file, such as stl or other ?



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    No, ArtrRage only supports bitmap image files. Specifically: JPG, PNG, PSD, GIF, TiFF and BMP.

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    Thanks, but once exported as PTG it contains some 3D information. Can this information be converted to a more usable format?

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    Hello Jdbobyn and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    ARís native .ptg files can only be read/edited by AR and as a 2D painting app contain no conventional 3D information that could make an .stl file.
    But yes you can export any given layer into itís separate channels, of which there are 4, as .png images, which I think are; colour, bump, reflectivity and volume, which you could then conceivably bring into another 3D package and use for texturing.
    As to exactly how you would use these files Iím afraid you would need to do some experimenting within your 3D app of choice.
    To export a layer as Channels, go to; Tools > Layer Options > Export Layer To Channels... or Right Click on a Layer's thumbnail in the Layers Panel and choose from the pop-up menu.
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