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Thread: Can I change the brush size real time? and Opacity?

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    Can I change the brush size real time? and Opacity?

    Having used Corel Painter for years and now hoping to move completely to Artrage (just bought Artrage 5), I would like to be able to change the brush size using the front button on my stylus (wacom). In Corel I set the button to Ctrl+alt and that allows me to hold the button and move the stylus to the right to increase and to the left to decrease the brush size. This is an amazing time saver.

    And on an iPad Pro, which I also just bought, maybe a hotkey button right on the tablet that can be held with the hand not using the stylus that will allow the stylus to change the size in the same way.

    Also I see that opacity is a subject that has come up over the years on this forum...but no opacity control is available for all brushes (tools). I know it seems the opinion of some developers is that it is not applicable to all tools...but in my use of Corel painter I found the opacity control to be something I used with ALL the brushes I used and or created.

    Is this hopefully still something that is in consideration for a future iteration of Artrage?

    Thanks for any info on any of these topics I mentioned. I am thrilled with the potential of this program. I hope I can get it to work for me.

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    You can change the brush size on the desktop by holding shift. Dragging three fingers up/down on the screen will change tool size on the iPad (you can also tap and drag on the tool size in the menu).

    For opacity control:

    - the natural media tools often offer different ways to control opacity that is integrated into the type of tool. For example, thinners for oils/watercolor, softness for pencil/pastels, 'digital' opacity for ink pen/airbrush.

    - the stylus properties for certain tools allow you to set properties like opacity to react to pen pressure. Go to Settings > menu up top > Set Stylus Properties to explore these options.

    - explore the custom brush tool, which comes with multiple opacity settings

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    Hello Michaelws and welcome to the ARtRage forums
    Yes, you can use the pen to swipe left & right to change tool size.
    Just set the front button to ‘Shift’ in the Wacom preferences and then hold it down while you swipe.
    As well, with my pen, I’ve set the back button to ‘Right Click’. Which means I can hold the back button down while the pen tip hovers over the tablet, enabling me to drag the canvas around with the pen too.

    As for Opacity settings, I think Hannah’s about covered that
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    But, there isn't a keystroke available to control opacity - correct?

    I'm at my desk at work without AR available. I think this is what MichaelWS is asking?

    PS, Painter and other software allows assigning a keystroke to opacity, which in turn could be assigned to a Wacom action in the pen or some other device.
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    Ah yes, sorry, I forgot to spell it out You can't control it with a keystroke, but you can set it to react to pressure, with certain tools (e.g. the custom brush does this by default).

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    Thanks for the replies. I will try all those things.

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