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Thread: New artlover

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    New artlover

    I have the artrage demo and love it.I have a new imac and wondering what a good tablet would be.Many say intuos3 6x8.However, wondering what ppl think about it.Small surface area translatting into the big screen(20"imac)
    Is it better togo with bluetooth or usb?
    How good is wacome to edit photographs in adobe with a removing red eye or selecting curves etc etc..Would the wacome be sufficient

    Also, the concept of the wacome is just a flat surface and pen doing all the work.WOuld it be ok to buy a pen only that does the same thing without the tablet and use like a blank piece of flat board etc to accomplish the same thing?

    thanks alot

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    Hi there, welcome to the forums!

    I use an Intuos 3 6x8 at home and personally find it a pretty good size for me, but at the end of the day I do believe this one comes down to personal preference. I used to have a 12 x 12 tablet which was like a big unweildy brick in my opinion but I believe a few users do prefer the large sizes. 6 x 8 does seem to be a pretty standard sort of size though in my experience.

    With red eye reduction, photo editing and that sort of thing, part of it is going to come down to the features of the software you are using. having a pressure-sensitive pen-controlled cursor can be really handy for thinbgs like touch up and precision work, that's true. I find it gives me a lot more control than with a mouse.

    I'm not an expert in tablet hardware, but I believe that the tablet itself does a lot of the work, a pen interacting with transducers in the tablet which measure pressure and if applicable, tilt, as well as the position, that sort of thing.
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    Cintiq all the way if you can swing it. I used a wacom 12 x 12 for years and was very comfortable with it but you still run in to the issue of having your tablet square with your monitor. If its slightly shifted, your brain will tell you your stroke is going down and to the left but your curser is doing something slightly different creating a conflict between the two...When I switched to the Wacom cintiq 15x, obsolete now but you can still find them on ebay for far less than what I paid and far less than the latest model, but the difference was night and day. Just like drawing on paper. If your just starting out and the traditional tablets are more in your means...STAY AWAY FROM THE CHEEP SUBSTITUTES....WACOM only. Wacoms been doing this a long time.

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    Re: New artlover

    The standard is usb with wacom tablets. The only advantage of bluetooth is that it is a wireless connection to the computer-but it costs a lot more.
    The Wacom bluetooth tablets are only in the cheaper Graphire model. Personally, I'd rather have the small Wacom Intuos 3 with usb than the cheaper Graphire with bluetooth for around the same price.

    The pen sends signals to the tablet which is NOT just a flat surface. The pen would be useless without the tablet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlindMansBluff
    Cintiq all the way if you can swing it.
    Crosswire should know that the Cintiq costs
    $2499.00 USD according to the Wacom web site.

    'Nuff said! :lol:

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    You can still find the cintiq 15x on ebay for about a hundred bucks.

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