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Thread: Really weird multitouch with Cintiq Pro 13 on OS X

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    Intuos Pro - zoom issues

    I just got a Intuos Pro med, 2nd hand.
    I'm finding the pinching in, and pinching out for Zoom, doesn't really work well.
    Sometimes its as though the app doesn't register the gesture at all.
    Then when it works it's not zooming in and out very far.

    I can't physically open my pinch fingers wide enough to zoom in the way i was expecting.

    I made sure the ArtRage Prefrences->Input Device-> "Ctrl+Mouseweel = zoom" is off.

    Also tried different scroll speed settings in my tablet software, but it's made no difference.

    Any other suggestions?
    ArtRage 4.5

    What i ended up doing, was setting 2 of the Function buttons to zoom in/out.
    Then set the touch circle for the brush size.
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