Hi there,

Just starting to try out the scripting here, and this bit seems counterintuitive....

I recorded a script in which I did not deliberately set the color of the tool (watercolor) being used. I just left it with the color that was set before recording began. Then I changed the selected color, and played the script, expecting it to be executed in the new color. But it still used the original color, even though I could see the color picker in the corner still showing the new color. My assumption was that, because I hadn't recorded a color change action, the color would be wherever I last left it.

Is there a way to let scripts be played back at arbitrary colors? Or potentially with other variables changed as well? Or is it just completely inflexible?

(I would also be interested in an option to pause the script and prompt the user to select a new color before proceeding. But it looks like the "add note" feature just freezes everything until you continue, so that won't do it. At least this is workaround-able by using multiple scripts, assuming I can sort out my above question.)