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Thread: Color Picker (Alt Key) needs a dedicated icon.

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    Color Picker (Alt Key) needs a dedicated icon.

    When your painting tool is set from 1 to 50, the Color Picker does not change the icon if your are using the Outline Icon.

    Just give the Color Picker its own icon that always displays like PS?

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    Robert Hopkins

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    If you want a tool showing, press '3' and switch to the Tool cursor. Most people hate the tool cursor with a passion, and only need it for specific circumstances. Turning the current precise/outline cursor for any tool into a tool icon would be... unwise

    But more to the point, you need the outline to show you the area you're picking the colour from. Taking that away would make using the Sampler a lot more difficult.

    edit: unless I've misunderstood the question?

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