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Thread: Interface Scale - Artrage 5

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    This is cheaper and has a computer inside...

    (It is a LOT smaller though...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkOwnt View Post
    Looks like ArtRage 5 was designed on, or for 2k monitors.

    Given that ArtRage has always focused on not leaving users of older systems behind, this is a message telling me I am behind the times with my lowly 1920x1200... I sooo much want to get a new monitor... maybe the BenQ SW2700PT ...just need to justify it to myself.
    That's the monitor resolution I use, btw If anything, I find it a bit large. The 'right' resolution is mostly what you're used to - it jars when you go up or down.

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    Please put UI scaling on the roadmap. UI is pretty large on Cintiq 22HD.
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    Is poor scaling at high DPIs an issue being worked on for Artrage? I really liked the software, but I ultimately decided to give up on it for this reason. It looks bad on the Surface Pro b/c it's blurry. I hope the developers are going to take this issue seriously, although I realize it may not be an easy task to fix

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