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Thread: texture

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    Oct 2013


    hello!!! I have a painting, which I'm happy with... The only thing I should want to do in art rage would be to paint the "oil effect", with trhe effect of oily brushstroke... Is it a way to go with the brush on an imported picture, without painting any more color, just the "material" of oil effect???

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    Yes, add a layer behind the first one, choose an impasto brush and you're set

    That's what art's about, isn't it -- at some point it's about the relationship between the art and the viewer, sort of like speed dating. (D Akey)

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    And if you find the texture isn't showing through properly because the imported photo's paint is too thick, set the Bump Blend Mode to 'add'. (this isn't in all editions of ArtRage, but it's in most of them).

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