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Thread: Signing paintings with custom brushes in Artrage 5

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    Signing paintings with custom brushes in Artrage 5

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    I've always exported my paintings as a jpeg, and then opened them in photoshop, where I have a custom brush with my signature and a copyright symbol. ( I've been wondering if that is now possible to do with the custom brushes in ArtRage 5, but I really haven't played with them enough yet.

    Is that doable? and has anyone figured out how?

    Here's my first Artrage5 painting, I used some of the new custom brushes but haven't made my own yet.


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    Hello Elaine,
    Not sure about using the Custom Brush for this task
    Have you considered the Sticker Spray tool? It can import and use .abr brushes. Though I would note it only brings in the image used by the Photoshop brush so any settings present in Photoshop will need to be re-made in ARís Spray Variations panel.
    Or as itís just your signature you could just add it to your work from the Sticker Sheets panel once youíve got the image into AR.
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    Or make a stencil.

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    It should be possible. Just export the signature as a black and white image and load it as a new brush head. Voila, new signature shaped brush! (and you can give it a custom blend mode from the Color panel too).

    A sticker would also work, in a different way.

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