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Thread: Photoshop Plugins

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    Photoshop Plugins

    I tried to add my PS filters and plugins but they don't show up - I have always used until now a 32bit computer....does a 64 bit system change how
    they work? Do you still put them in the fliters folder?
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    Most of your filters and plugins are probably 32-bit, so you need to use the 32-bit version of ArtRage to open them.

    See for help with your specific OS.

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    That link is bad....but I will try it again with 32 bits. I will also check out FAQ's
    I have been a die hard XP user, tried vista and now win 7 is the first experience with a 64 bit OS.

    This comp was owned by someone else and when I deleted the orig user under which I installed many programs, it caused many
    links to fail and things to disappear .... Fresh install of AR4 and AR5 coming up....
    I tried AR4 32 and all is good. I will reinstall AR5 later on and see how it fairs....

    Thanks for your help
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    “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso

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    The link works here, try again?

    But if you have Windows, it's pretty easy - just look in the Start menu for 'ArtRage 32 bit'.

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