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Thread: Problem with Clear Layer keyboard shortcuts?

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    Problem with Clear Layer keyboard shortcuts?

    Not sure if this is a bug or a design of AR. I thought this update (5.0.2) would fix it but apparently it's still there so here it goes: At first when I customized my keyboard shortcuts, it remembered the setting and I also saved the setting to a file. But a while later I decided to set a new key for "Clear Layer" and saved the setting to a file. The new key works in AR. BUT when I exit and reload AR, it's back to my previous customized setting. I checked the menu and see that the custom key is listed next to the command "Clear Layer." But the key doesn't work. However, when I load the file that I saved, it works. But I have to reload my file everytime the app is loaded otherwise this clear layer command won't work.
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    I had a similar problem a long time back setting a shortcut to Clear Layer. What key combo are you trying to use?
    I wanted to use cmd+Delete. But it would never stick.
    I've been using cmd+U ever since.
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    That is very strange. I tried with cmd+u and it works. I too prefer cmd+backspace.

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    Backspace has never been available as a shortcut key in ArtRage on OS X for a variety of key handling reasons. We may be able to add it in the future but at the moment it won't apply.

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