Hi Artragers,
I haven't been around on the forums in ages, too much work, So a great big Hi to all my old friends & new ones.

Although I haven't been painting much but I was quite excited when I heard about Artrage 5 & upgraded my 4.5 to 5 on the first day.
I've pottered about a few hours, no serious painting, just trying out 'new' things and sadly I felt...disappointed.

Didn't find any new great improvements in existing tools. I was hoping for additions to the capabilities of the existing tools.
The custom brush tool was nice..to a certain extent...I found it a bit... limiting.
Except for the changes to the UI, doesn't seem to like a major upgrade.
I mean when I upgraded to 4 from 3, There were so many new toys to play with that I was a wee bit euphoric for a few days.
You all who have shifted to 5 from 4.5, do you all see any vast imrpovements?
Am I missing something here? Did I overlook anything in my rush to get that 'Artjuice' flowing? (I seriously hope so, I want a great software)
Or has the software reached it's limit?
Or is it that the development of all the 'other' versions (iphone,ipad, android) has diminished the scope of the desktop?

As I said, I can't help but feel disappointed.