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Thread: How do you resize pods?

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    How do you resize pods?

    Hi all,

    I'm liking the look and feel of AR5, but boy those pods/tabs are big! Does anybody know how to resize pods in this version?

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    Currently you don't, it's based on your screen resolution. Some pods will resize when you dock them, but the docking bars are fixed.

    We're looking into it to see if we can modify any of this or not at the moment (the interface works very differently now behind the scenes, so we can't promise anything - it's just something people have asked about already, so it's on our list!)

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    Thanks for the reply HannahRage.

    It's not a pressing issue, I've just got used to working with smaller pods especially the settings and layers, but I'm sure I'll adapt.

    As a thought, if you can't resize them could you altering their transparency? Say toggles of 100%, 75% or 50% transparency? Just something to stop them from being quite so dominant on screen?

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