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Thread: Is it still possible to upgrade ArtRage lite to 4.5?

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    Is it still possible to upgrade ArtRage lite to 4.5?

    I bought wacom tablet couple of weeks ago and got ArtRage lite with it. I planned to upgrade it to full version because of some missing functionality but I missed v4.5 just by couple of days and since AR5 is out, upgrade offers me discount only for upgrade to AR5 (which is too expensive for me and also as for the beginner 4.5 suits all my needs).
    Is it possible to upgrade AR lite to previous version somehow?

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    I'm afraid not, it's now just Lite and AR5.

    To keep offering AR4, we'd have to completely update it to make sure it continued to work with future Windows & Mac OSX updates, driver changes, and more. It's four years old now, and it had reached the point were we couldn't just maintain it, we need to redo it - so we redid it as ArtRage 5.

    We did try and offer a very long notice period + sale, but there was never going to be a perfect cutoff point in which everyone who planned to upgrade, had.

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