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Thread: Is it possible to print or export the perspective grids (AR5)?

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    Is it possible to print or export the perspective grids (AR5)?

    Hi all.
    I recently upgraded AR to the version 5. I appeciate the new perspective tools, and I am learning their various features. Anyway I did not find any option to print the perspective grids together with the painting, or to export them to an image file. Is there some possibility, or at present they are intended only as an aid, invisible in the final image? I think that, for exercises and other applications, it could be useful to be able to print (or export) them. What do you think?

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    I'm pretty sure it isn't possible now. I believe they are, as you suppose, intended only as an aid. However: one of the many great Ragers made a sticker spray that would show printable perspective information. I'm afraid I lost the information as to who provided the sticker.
    As to making the perspective grids printable, this would be a good query to put in the "Suggestions" section. I don't know how to move a conversation, but maybe you could post this to that section of the forum. I would use it if it were available as part of a design.

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    Sorry for the late reply! Sueellen is correct, you can't export or print guides currently.

    This looks like the perspective sticker spray you were referring to from Someonesan so hopefully this is of some help.

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    Hi there.Wondering is exporting perspective grid possible now in latest version?

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    Hello xyz_dimitry and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Unfortunately this is still not currently possible in AR6.
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