I know new and weird stuff is not highest on your radar given the recent AR5 release but what the heck.

A few observations which may or may not be correct.

It's not always apparent to the user what state the paint is on the canvas. (We cant lightly touch the screen to see if some part has thick wet paint, or if it is "dry") If I had used a brush with insta dry here and there, and a brush with insta dry OFF here and there, I am not sure afterwards the state of the paint.

Painting with wet paint OVER wet paint is different from painting with wet OVER dry paint (dry paint being painted previously with insta dry on). This illustrates the effect, cyan is wet and was applied first, purple is dry and was applied next in the same layer, yellow is wet and is shown applied over the canvas and the other paint in the same layer:

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This is awesome but I would like more control / insight of what is going on.


1. A hot key to peek at level of wetness - wet versus dry paint of a layer (change view to show a layer's paint with one color signifying wet and a different color signifying dry - possibly a range of colors if wetness/dryness is not simply binary)

2. A way to manually set all the paint on the layer to dry or wet (or degree of wetness??) - again this is really a mystery to us users now... we don't even know if wet - dry is binary or in degrees (or how it relates to thinners...). If I have a layer that is wet and dry I'd like to turn it all wet sometimes... and sometimes, turn it all dry.

3. A way to set an automatic drying rate (in seconds up to minutes or hours)... as time passes wet paint slowly becomes dry (whatever properties are on the canvas for wet paint slowly morph into the properties for insta dry paint). When needed and for the impatient, a shortcut could also be included - manual time passage: without changing the dry rate a user could have Artrage apply a time period X to simulate passage of time for a layer - e.g. skip an hour of waiting for paint to dry.

4. A brush mode which ONLY paints (reassigns) level of wetness or dryness to a layer's paint. This would allow one to selectively revive dry paint in certain areas or selectively dry paint in certain areas.

The difference between dry and wet paint is very interesting and could be quite powerful if we had a little more access/control.