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Thread: Excited about Artrage 5, but can we keep 4 for now?

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    Excited about Artrage 5, but can we keep 4 for now?

    Hi, I'm excited to get Artrage 5, but will we be able to run both 4 and 5 on the same machine for a while?
    I'm teaching a digital painting workshop on Saturday so I need to keep my 4 for a while. I suppose I could download 5 to my desktop and not to my laptop for a while, but wondering, if Artrage will replace or can we keep both on the same machine

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    Nov 2013
    You can have both! In fact, I currently have AR 2, Studio, Studio Pro, 4, 5, Lite and the 4 demo installed ;D

    (the only issue will be custom resources, which are stored in different places, so if you add something to 5, it won't show up automatically in 4)

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