Is there a way to pick up underlying colors from the layer below the one I'm working on, or is this only possible if I merge the two layers together? I'd really like to be able to blend the colors of multiple layers together without having to merge them. That way if some blending goes wrong and I'm too far into it where the "undo" function is no longer helpful, I can just delete or erase the area without affecting other layers. Know what I mean?

Also, when trying to create custom blenders in "Brush Designer", there's no way to test them in the little testing window on the left, because they're blenders and don't necessarily lay down any color to test them on.

And, when I select a brush size for a blender for example, go to select a different one and then go back to the previous one, the custom size is not saved. It goes back to the default brush size. That's kind of annoying, because I have to remember what size it was before I clicked out of it.