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Thread: Couple of basic questions

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    Couple of basic questions

    I'm totally new to art and digital art. ArtRage is the product I want to learn with so I have a basic questions please :

    I'd like to trace some photos to paint - can I do this in ArtRage or will I need to make a trace with an alternate product and import it into ArtRage ?

    Big thanks to everyone involved in this awesome product and community.
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    Hello Flight and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Yes you can import an image into AR purely as a tracing image.
    Once it's in, if you want to, you can paint on a layer and have AR automatically use the colours from the tracing image. You can also resize the tracing image if need be but you cannot rotate it. So if you think you will need it rotated it's best to get the angle set first outside of AR or import the image to a layer in AR and rotate it there then export it as a new image file and then bring it back in as a tracing image.
    If you want to play before you buy there's a demo version you can try here:
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    Thanks for the reply Mark, I very much appreciate it.

    I've bought ArtRage 4 (and the Android version) - the upgrade deal to version 5 seems too good to miss.

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