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Thread: Any way to lock zoom level during playback?

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    Any way to lock zoom level during playback?

    Just curious if there is a way to lock the zoom at a certain level to where it will only show that during playback. Err, I know that sounds confusing.

    Basically, when painting I have a tendency to zoom way in, add some detail, and zoom out to look at the full picture to see how it looks from a proper viewing distance, then zoom way back in and continue for a bit, rinse and repeat. When watching a playback of this sped up.. it is incredibly annoying and almost gives you motion sickness.

    So, is there a way to tell it to leave the zoom at a specific level like 100% or maybe 75% during playback? And also is there a way to hide the interface during playback, to where you can only see the canvas?

    I'm new to using the script recorder. I usually just use chronolapse.. but thats not a continuous smooth recording(its just screenshots) and its much faster on playback. So the zooming in and out wasnt noticeable.
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