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Thread: AR5 contest finalists...

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    AR5 contest finalists...

    Why are two of them literally the same picture? Yes I know they were different entries by the artist.. but cropping it and making it a closeup doesnt make it different and certainly not enough to win two prizes(if they did). I mean since the pics are titled differently one as final and the other as detail.. and they are both labeled as finalist.. I assume that one of those is taking what another person could have got. Or am I wrong and they just like the pic so much they wanted to show it twice?
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    It's a single entry. A lot of artists sent us very small images because they shrunk it for emailing (sometimes a little too much!) and that artist sent us closeups so that we could see it properly. We didn't have a fixed number of finalists, we just voted until it shook out into clear groups.

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