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Thread: Golden Ratio and Thirds Grids for AR5

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    Golden Ratio and Thirds Grids for AR5

    I have been curious as to why AR4.5 doesnt have these already.. but Hopefully AR5 will already have these... as they are the most popular(and extremely good) methods of finding great and pleasing compositions. Currently you can only get down to a 4x4 grid that 3x3 would be really nice.

    I know the Golden Ratio is a bit more complicated but it would still be really excellent to have. As well as being able to rotate it. Also a visual of the spiral would be incredible.


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    Lightbulb Golden Ratio

    Good Idea! Here is an image of the golden mean. You realize the ratio of your canvas needs to be set on this ratio for it to work , I hope. You can use this as a tracing image or make a stencil of it, I am trying to learn how to do that, if I succeed I will post it in the "ART Supplies" section. Maybe someone has already done this or will do it for us. I'll check and if not I will try it.
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    Here's a stencil!

    Hold ctrl +shift to distort it to fit.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by prsings View Post
    You realize the ratio of your canvas needs to be set on this ratio for it to work , I hope.

    Yes, thats why I said it would be a bit more complicated to implement as an actual grid. I was kind of thinking something along the lines of it either only working when your painting size is using the 1:1.6 ratio.. Maybe have an option when resizing/creating a new painting that will only allow you to choose a canvas size that is a golden rectangle... Something similar to the "Preserve Original Aspect" option that is there when you resize.. but maybe more along the lines of "Lock to 1:1.6" Or "Lock to Golden Ratio". Then have the option of flipping the grid in whichever direction to place the "center" at which ever position works best with your idea/vision. Thanks for the image.

    Thirds would be a lot easier I would think as that doesnt abide by the golden ratio and would just need to be a bit of a bigger grid... However it might be cool to let you distort the golden ratio to use on any painting as if you distort it to fit on a piece that abides by thirds you'll usually find that the "center" will usually match up with one of the 4 corners of the thirds grid.

    Thanks for the Stencil Hannah.

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