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Thread: How to get thicker edges on stencils?

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    How to get thicker edges on stencils?

    Just curious how to make your stencils not get so close to to the edges of your design when you create them..

    Kind of hard to explain. But say you make a triangle stencil. The bottom of the triangle is parrallel with the edge of the stencil.. well artrage automatically decides to cut the stencil edge really close to the design.. about an 1/8th of an inch.. so you have to make your brush a lot smaller, zoom in, and be extra careful to stay inside the stencil.

    I know I could try to just make an inconspicuous mark or something to make it have a wider edge to cover that mark. But I dont think I should have to include unwanted things for something simple like that. Is there a way to make a stencil from a selection or something Im missing to choose exactly how far I want the stencil to reach past the design?

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    Instead of creating the stencil from the shape, create the stencil from the space around the shape and invert the stencil afterwards. Then you'd be defining the boarder area, as well as the shape, for yourself.
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    You can also use the masking brush in the selection pod. It is the brush to the right of the magic wand. If you use the masking brush, simply paint around your stencil to block off the area outside the design.

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    Thanks guys. I wondered if using a negative of your design would solve the problem. Seems so.

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