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Thread: Colour changes randomly

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    Colour changes randomly

    Hello all,

    I recently bought a Wacom Itunous Draw and a copy of ArtRage LITE. I am really enjoying using the software; it is great!

    One problem I seem to encounter often is that the colour I am using will randomly change to another colour from my colour palette. This seems to happen when I take the pen away from the tablet, but I cant reproduce the behaviour consistently. It happens without me pressing any keys, mouse buttons, or pen/tablet buttons, and the tablet is not a trackpad version.

    Does anyone know anything about this behaviour? Is it something up with the software or the tablet/pen?

    TL;DR the pen colour randlomly changes without pressing any keys, and I cant figure out why!

    If anyone can offer any info that'd be great!


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    Hmm, that is weird. I've seen a couple of other people mention that recently, so it might be something to do with the recent Wacom drivers, which have been messing with the alt/shift/etc modifier keys (alt + click = pick colour), especially when you're using the stylus buttons.

    Are you on Mac OSX? The problems generally show up there, due to the changes they're trying to make for OS 10.12.

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