I am very new to digital art in general but have some experience with drawing and sketching, and just recently I bought a Wacom Draw tablet which comes with a free download of ArtRage Lite. Before I was messing around with Krita a bit but at least to me Krita was super buggy to the point where it made working in it really frustrating.

So without further ado here are my Super Newbie Questions:
SNQ #1: The thing I really liked in Krita was that you could zoom in on the reference picture by clicking and dragging a rectangle over the area you want to zoom. In ArtRage there seems to be no zooming at all, you can only rotate or enlarge the whole reference, but not zoom in. Am I missing something?

SNQ #2: Why is this called "Lite"? Is it missing some important features? If so which missing features are the most important for a begginer/advanced/pro digital artist?

SNQ #3: Can I get a normal pencil? I mean the kind you can buy at any art store, like 4H,2H,HB,B2,B4 etc (Yeah when I am at an art store I don't usually ask for an "Auto Smooth Me" Pencil y know) ? Is this a good approach to digital art or should I stick with the weird pencils?

SNQ #4: Where do I find useful user-made presets? Are there any user-made presets you would consider essential?

SNQ #5: Anything else you think is important in digital art that a newbie might miss.